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Our Tea Tree Turmeric Soap has been our customer go to product; It has active ingredients that helps with dark spots & acne prone skin.

I am my own customer!

About Us

JeBlu is a all natural skincare line that caters to all skin types and customers. We wanted to create products that is affordable and have great results for your skin!

Our Story

I am from a small country town called Homerville located in Georgia! I got into skincare about 6 years ago, skincare was not always something that I paid much attention towards until one day I became one of my own customers. Back in 2007 I started experiencing adult acne and hormonal imbalance; my skin was having a lot of breakouts, facial hair problems and ingrown hairs all on my jaw line and neck. I was purchasing over the counter
popular products that just did not work for me, so I decided to try some all-natural products; however, that was beginning to be very expensive and was barely working to resolve my issue. That's when I created JeBlu Beauty & Skincare to provide an affordable all-natural skincare line for those who cannot afford quality products that works for their skin. Six years ago, I wound not have thought I would be in love with seeing the transformation of someone skin but now I get so much joy in helping others become into their beautiful self.

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